12 Steps To Create An Online Business That Allows You To Be All Of You

Are you a multipassionate spiritual entrepreneur ready to combine your passions into a fulfilling and soul-centered brand and business?

In this Masterclass you'll discover:

  • The 12 simple steps to launch your transformation online based business asap
  • Why you don't have to cut off all your passions just to find your niche (no squeezing into tiny boxes or cutting off limbs here!!!) 
  • Why being multi-passionate is a gift and not a curse and can set you apart in the marketplace
  • How to start your online business without overwhelm, scatterbrain, & procrastination
  • The 3 commonly held beliefs that have been holding you back from thriving
  • How your many passions can play out in your business

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Rachael Alexander

Rachael has helped hundreds of aspiring and established entrepreneurs gain clarity on their business foundations (niche, message, offerings, and brand strategy) so that they can launch their businesses with confidence and clarity and magnetically attract clients to them.

Your masterclass has reignited that glint of hope...

Dear Rachael, I'm really glad you've take your time to put together such a resourceful and mind blowing message as this. I'm so forever grateful for this! I used to think I was cursed and would never be able to break even (as people have always told me, because I tend to be interested in everything). But your masterclass has reignited that glint of hope. Thank you very much! ~ AvraHam Gestalt